Thursday, October 15, 2009


 Our Bounty

Picking your own apples is an Autumn tradition that I miss living in Idaho. So when sister June suggested we pick apples during my October visit to her home in Lancaster, PA I was ready to go. The orchard offered 12 different varieties, some I had not heard of. How to choose? I asked the lady directing cars thru the orchard if we could try them before we picked. "No problem, just pick more than you eat!", she laughed. We picked mostly Cortland, good for eating and cooking. These apples were the size of grapefruits, evidence of the ample summer rainfall. In little time, we picked 50 lbs and were lugging them back to the car.

Making apple sauce is easy. Wash apples, quarter, cut out core and stem and place into a pot. No need to peel the apples. Leaving the peels on will give the applesauce a warm, rosy hue. Add water to a depth of about 2 inches in the pot. Cook until apples are mushy and skins are falling off. Place a food mill over a large pot or bowl and scoop some of the hot apple pulp and liquid into it. Process until all the apples and liquid have been pressed thru the food mill. Add sugar and cinnamon (or not) to taste. You can can or freeze any sauce you will not be using right away. I've included a picture of June's food mill...a little old fashion but functional and easy to use.

Finished product, artfully arranged by Julie.

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