Sunday, October 4, 2009

Ham & Eggs (Waste Not......)

I hate to waste food. I feel as if I'm throwing out money not to mention the nagging  little whisper in my head, placed there many years ago by my mother -- something about " all the starving children in Africa."  Often I'll freeze little baggies of leftovers so I can use them later. Just as often, I forget about them as they slowly drift to the bottom of my freezer. Every once and awhile, I'll inventory my frozen collection and make a special effort to use up the odds and ends. Yesterday I noted I had some diced up ham (about 1 cup),  put there there last spring, a vestage of my Easter ham. Today, as  we drove home from church, I started to think about what to make for lunch and the ham came to mind.  "How about eggs for lunch?", I asked Clark. "Sounds good", he replied, "I always like eggs." So I rooted the ham out from the freezer, diced up  1/4 each of an onion and green pepper and sauted them all together in about a Tablespoon of butter , stirring occasionally.  In the meantime,  I put a couple peices of toast in the toaster oven, whisked togther 4 eggs and grated about 1/4 c. of sharp chedder cheese. When the vegetables were tender and the ham warmed up (about 5 minutes),  I added the eggs and cheese, gently stirring a couple of times until the eggs were cooked and the cheese melted..  I buttered the toast, scooped the eggs onto a couple of plates and called Clark to lunch. The whole proces took less than 15 minutes. "Great meal!", he complimented, briefly interrupting his concentration on the Sunday afternoon football game. My day was made!

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