Tuesday, February 8, 2011

5 Guys Burgers

Dinner Tonight: 5 Guys Little Cheeseburger  and Fries

Tonight we needed to pick up one our cars that was in the shop for repairs before it closed. So as soon as Clark got home we headed out. After paying the rather unhealthy (for our wallet) bill, we decided to match it with an unhealthy fast food dinner at our favorite hamburger joint, 5 Guys Burgers. There are lots of things to like about this place: burgers cooked to order, fresh buns, a wide variety of toppings to choose from included in the price, reasonable prices, generous portions, friendly service, all the peanuts you can eat while you wait and fresh local potatoes. When you walk in, there are stacks of 50 pound bags of potatoes lining the walls with a sign telling you which local farmer has provided the potatoes they are serving today. The menu is short and simple. Order your burger regular or small, cheese or no cheese, and the choice of toppings, then your fries, regular or large. We always order a small burger (1 patty rather than the 2 on the regular) and a regular fry to share. It is always more than enough, certainly more than we need! Fast food at it's best: fresh, made to order and comforting!

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