Thursday, February 24, 2011

Raisin Oatmeal Cookie Disaster

Sooner or later, every cook makes a mistake in the kitchen. Something missing, over or under cooking, a bad substitution, too much or too little of an ingredient.  The list of possible scenario's is endless. Last week I made a batch of raisin oatmeal cookies that looked OK in the bowl but once scooped onto a pan and baked, the dough spread out to form a continuous, lacy, gooey mess.  It was impossible to get the "cookies" off the pan. I had to resort to scrapping it off. The good news is that "the mess" was delicious! The flavor reminded us of warm, sweet, soft granola topping. Clark and I both ate a small bowl while it was still warm.

After the first pan came out, I tried to compensate by chilling the dough overnight. The next day I turned up the oven temperature from 350 to 375. It didn't help. Same mess. Cooled,  it solidified and congealed into one big globby mass. You needed a chisel to break it into pieces. Sadly, I threw it out. My final analysis...I think I didn't add enough flour.

My oatmeal cookie disaster

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