Saturday, August 13, 2011

Pork, Corn & Cheese Quesadilla's

Quesadilla's are a wonderful way to use up bits of leftovers, quick, easy and always a hit!  Earlier this week I had grilled  a  spice rubbed pork tenderloin  and served it  with fresh corn on the cob for supper. After dinner I shredded the leftover pork and scraped the corn off the remaining cob and stuck both  in small plastic sandwich bags for later use. Today, after completing Saturday morning chores, lunch was a snap: 4 6 inch whole grain tortilla's each spread with a 1 tablespoon of low fat cream cheese and sprinkled with corn, the shredded port, fresh snipped green onion and a handful of shredded pepper jack cheese. I then folded each tortilla over and placed in a hit  non-stick pan, coated with about a tablespoon of butter.   I placed my heavy cast iron skillet on top of the tortilla's and cooked 3-4 minutes, then removed the skillet, flipped the tortilla's over and cooked a few more minutes until the cheese was completly melted and the tortillas were a light golden brown. Served with a dollop each of sour cream and salsa, they rated a big thumbs up  from Clark, my taste-tester-in-chief!  (He'll be happy to know there is enough to make them for lunch again tomorrow!)

  1. I buy pepper jack cheese in bulk, shred it in my food process and freeze, and use right out of the freezer. 
  2. Left over chicken would also work great!
Using my cast iron skillet as a sandwich press!

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