2011 Meals (Repeats, Dinner's Out, Take out, Etc.)

These day's do not have blog post entries...

Date Dinner Tonight
2/25Friday Night Dinner  Out at Appleby's
2/27Hands4Uganda Pot Luck
2/28Shephard's Pie, Salad
3/1Baked Shells Casserole, Salad   (When I made the original recipe I decided it in half and froze one)
3/4Friday Night Dinner Out  at Snake Bite, Idaho Falls with MaryAnn
3/5Frozen Pizza, (DiGiorno  Pepperoni, I added diced onion and pepper), Salad
3/7Fish Sandwich, (Gorton's Breaded Tilapia, pepper jack cheese, lettuce, tomato on Kaiser Roll), salad